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 Frequently Asked Questions - Site Help

Frequently Asked Questions and Help


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions at West Coast ATC. Our goal is to provide an ultimate online experience for all our members. Please feel free to browse this site and use it's ongoing resources. Member to member help, not related to the site or services, can be found on the message boards.



Q - I have lost my password, how do I reset it?
A - All our passwords are encrypted to protect our member's personal information. We can not tell you what your password is, but we can reset the password at your request. Please remember that your call sign and password are case sensitive. Check to verify that your CAPS LOCK is not turned on. Should you need a password reset please use the following link to our Password Reset Feature: LOST PASSWORD RESET You will need to provide the call sign you're resetting the password for. For security reasons we can only reset passwords that belong to the email address assigned to the call sign's account. TOP

Q - How can I change my password?
A - You must be signed into our site to change your password. Sign in using your call sign and password. On the site's left navigation bar locate the link to your PILOT START PAGE, locate the area on that page to change your password and follow the onscreen instructions. TOP

Q - My Password doesn't work, I'm sure it's correct what do I do?
A - Please remember that your call sign and password are case sensitive. Check to verify that your CAPS LOCK is not turned on, then reload the browser window and try again. TOP



Q - Where can I change my email notification setting?
A - Your email notification setting allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe from our notification emails regarding upcoming sessions or important site and user information. If you disable this feature you will need to stay current with news and events from our site generated content. To enable or disable your email notification setting use the following instructions. Sign into our site using your call sign and password for the call sign or account you wish to change. On the site's left navigation bar locate the link to your PILOT START PAGE if you are not already there. Once on the Pilot Start Page locate the link to change your email notification setting and click it. You should now see your receive email options, select your new desired setting and click save. TOP

Q - How do I change my email address?
A - To change or update your email address locate the link on the left navigation bar called PILOT START PAGE. From that page locate the link to change your email address and follow the onscreen instruction. TOP

Q - Why do I receive multiple emails that say the same thing?
A - Our automated email system emails each call sign or user in our database. If you have signed up for or created more than one call sign we suggest you do the following. Log in to the site under each of your call signs and turn off the email notification for all but one of your call sign accounts. You will then only receive one notification from us per email generated. :: MORE :: TOP



Q - What is a call sign?
A - A call sign is the name you are identified by on our site and in our air traffic control or pylon racing services we provide. A call sign is something that you choose and should meet the professional and realistic criteria required to fly in our sessions. A realistic call sign is defined as any aircraft registry number (Example: N3402C), or commercial airline flight number (Example UAL1220). If you wish to accumulate Pilot Pay (TM) your call sign you sign up with should be exactly the same as the call sign you use to fly with or plan to join with in our online services. :: MORE :: TOP

Q - How do I obtain a call sign?
A - Use the JOIN AS PILOT feature on the left navigation bar to create your own unique call sign. Remember if you plan on taking advantage of our exclusive Pilot Pay (TM) Member Rewards System your call sign must be exactly the same on our site as the call sign you use to fly with. See the above topic, "What is a call sign?" for more information. :: MORE :: TOP

Q - Why do I need a call sign?
A - Call signs are required to log in to our site and view our member only related material. They allow you to create your own personal profile, maintain your member related account features, and keep track of your member reward benefits. Call signs will be required to join our multi player sessions for Flight Sim and our voice communication services offered by TeamSpeak (TM). Use the "Join as Pilot" to the right or click here :: JOIN NOW :: to get started, it's free, it's easy, and it's immediate. TOP

Q - How many call signs can I create on the web site?
A - As many as you need. TOP

Q - Can I combine my call signs?
A - YES you can. Our exclusive site design now allows you to group all your accounts together, switch quickly and effortlessly with this feature to manage all your accounts and assets. You will need to have two or more call signs joined and activated on our site to utilize this feature. Sign in to our website using any of your call signs then use the "SWITCH CALL SIGN" link located on the top of the navigation bar just below your logged in call sign listed in bold. You may also click here to view this feature. :: VIEW NOW ::

Additional questions can be asked here: Contact Us. Please include your email address, name, and call sign along with your written request. For security reasons only accounts assigned to the email address you send your request from will be processed. Account changes may take up to 24 hours to process. TOP



Q - How do I join a Virtual Airline on the site?
A - You'll need to create a call sign by using the JOIN AS PILOT feature. Once you've done that with the Virtual Airlines Identifier like (American = AVA, or Delta = DAL) so you have a name like DAL1549, you can then use the PILOT START PAGE available after you're logged in to request to join a VA. Fill in the subsequent screen and submit your application and the VA Owner will get back to you with a decision or response. TOP

Q - I want my Virtual Airline signed up on the site, how do I do that?
A - If you're a Virtual Airline that wants to take advantage of the member base at West Coast ATC use the JOIN AS VA button to the left. Please include your Virtual Airline name and a current URL where we can view your web site. Also include a short bio about the Virtual Airline. Request are handled on a first come first serve basis, and are generally processed in 24 hours. TOP

Q - What's the advantage of being with a Virtual Airline?
A - Virtual Airlines offer more in depth training and programs for the commercial oriented pilot while other VA's offer a deeper emersion into private adventure and fun. VA's are a great way to round out your flying experience. VA's are promoted by their pilots. The more pilots that fly actively for a VA the more bonus money ends up in the VA account. All pilots are awarded equally and all VA's are awarded equally. There's no reason not to join a VA at West Coast ATC. TOP

Q - Can I contact someone about Virtual Airline questions, support, joining, comments, or general information?
A - Yes. Please use this page to Contact Us. TOP



Q - Can I use material from the site on my web site?
A - West Coast ATC is glad to support your aviation related online ventures as long as you follow these simple guidelines. All material on this site is protected by the terms and conditions of the site. A link to the terms and conditions can be found on the bottom of all our pages. You may request from us written permission for use. Contact Us with your requests. Please provide a description and if possible exact URL of the object, text, picture, or other contained item in question. Also provide us with the URL you plan to use the requested item on. Requests are generally answered within 72 Hours. West Coast ATC will at it's discretion protect it's interest to the fullest extent possible. TOP

Q - What information may I place in my personal profile?
A - Your PROFILE is for you to share your abilities and interests with other members on the site. Updating and changing your member profile is accessible on the PILOT START PAGE. You may link personal pages, or groups at your discretion. Be sure to place http://www.yourdomain.com in your profile to make this feature available. Please remember that all personal content you publish on our site is governed by the acceptable use policy in force at West Coast ATC. Content that violates our policy will be removed and the appropriate resulting actions taken. TOP

Q - What information is considered against the acceptable use policy.
A - Any reference to harmful, malicious, pornographic, harvesting, unlawful sites, determined at our discretion. Use your best judgment when placing public information on our site, remember it is viewable by everyone. We have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. :: MORE :: TOP

Q - I want to advertise with West Coast ATC who do I contact?
A - Requests for advertising information can be sent using the Contact Us form..Please state the type of promotional material you wish to submit along with your contact information. Requests are usually handled within 24 hours. TOP



Q - What software is required to fly with West Coast ATC?
A - Our services are compatible with Microsoft (TM) Flight Sim 2002 and Flight Sim 2004 (FS9). TOP

Q - What software is required for voice service on West Coast ATC?
A - Our voice service is run on TeamSpeak (TM) Software. You may download your free copy of the client software at this address: TEAMSPEAK WEBSITE. TOP

Q - Can I connect other software to West Coast ATC sessions?
A - You may run copies of weather programs, FSNavigator, and other various add-on software locally on your machine for realism. We do not require running additional software and we do not support it's connection to our services. You may however connect add-on software to our Free Flight Server available twenty four hours a day to all West Coast ATC Members. TOP

Q - How do I join a session that is currently running?
A - You must be a registered member of West Coast ATC to view the system setup documents and Game IP Information. Follow this URL to read the self help tutorials for setting up your software and machine to connect to our session. View the self help pages now. There are three "Read" labeled buttons on that page that will provide you with detailed information. Our game IP information can be found by clicking the "I Accept" button on that page as well. TOP

Q - How do I know who's flying online?
A - On our sites right navigation bar there is a banner with the TEAMSPEAK logo. Clicking that logo will show you who's actively participating. TOP

Q - Can I get help flying or help with getting setup for your services?
A - Yes. You may post your requests and needs on our message boards for member to member help or Contact Us. TOP

Q - Do I have to fly to be a member of your community?
A - No. Some members contribute their abilities by posting on our message boards, providing files to our library, and by supporting us from behind the scenes. Our community is open to all and we welcome your involvement in any capacity. TOP

Q - What types of files can I upload to the file library?
A - Any file that is aviation related and fits within one of our index headings. Files that you authored and want to share with the community that are aviation related. Files that you have the expressed written permission from the author or owner to share publically with others. Files that are already publically available and do not have any redistribution restrictions. Most files include a "read me" text document which contains author contact information and any restrictions for redistribution. Check there if you're unsure about a file. TOP

Q - Who can use the file library?
A - All members of our community can use the file library to upload or download files. TOP

Q - Do I have to be a flying member to use the file library?
A - No, but you must have an active West Coast ATC account to access the file library services. Click here :: JOIN NOW :: to get started, it's free, it's easy, and it's immediate. TOP

Q - Is there a file size limit for the file library?
A - Yes, but we almost guarantee that all files will fall below the limit. TOP

Q - Can I link to a file I upload?
A - Yes, you can link to the download page on our site. Direct links commonly known as "deep links" to the file itself are not available. TOP



Q - How do I know when sessions are running or planned?
A - Our calendar is available to anyone to view. A link to the calendar is prominently placed on our left navigation bar labeled CALENDAR. The automated flight service announcement on our main page shows the current status of our sessions. Some events are not planned and are spur of the moment. A quick check of our site will tell you immediately what's available to you and you're welcome to check as often as you like. TOP

Q - How do I know what time the session is on my local time?
A - Clock conversions are supplied in two places. On the calendar and the CLOCKS page. TOP

Q - What are the PROPS Racing Events on the calendar?
A - PROPS Racing is part of West Coast ATC and they support pylon racing for our race pilots. PROPS Racing requires special files and setup prior to joining their sessions. PROPS Racers must read the detailed self help information, and have a confirmed race qualified machine. All Racers must contact the Race Director via email to join the race roster at the following email address: gary.o@westcoastatc.com. TOP



Q - What ports do I need to open on my router or firewall?
A - Here is a list of the ports necessary to be opened for both inbound and outbound traffic thru your router or firewall. More help is available on our member message boards inside the web site.

A network setup guide is located here :: CLICK HERE ::

Our FSHost Services using the standard Flight Simulator Multiplayer require these ports to be open in your firewall or forwarded in your router. TOP

FS9 (2004)
23456 - Default
FS9 (2004)
FS9 (2004)
FS 2002
FS 2002
2300 - 2400
8767 - Default

Q - What am I doing wrong I can't find the sessions in Flight Sim?
A - You may not be doing anything wrong. You may have a firewall enabled and not even know it. Check your XP Firewall, Nortens Firewall / Anti virus, McAfee Firewall, Zone Alarm, Black Ice Defender to name a few. Make sure they are allowing traffic on the above ports or configured correctly. For optimal performance of your machine we suggest you disable all "software" firewalls and make sure your hardware firewalls / routers have the correct port forwarding assigned to your gaming machine. More information is available on our Message Boards. TOP

Q - Will I get disconnected if I'm not configured properly?
A - Yes. In fact you will cause others to loose their connection if you're not configured correctly for our sessions. You may request member to member help on the message boards for more information on setting up your machine. TOP

Q - Is there a way to check if my machine is configured correctly?
A - Yes. FSPortTest can check your configuration and is available here: FSPORTTEST TOP



Q - How do I sign up to be an air traffic controller?
A - We value each of our applicants and take the professionalism of our services seriously. Not all applicants will be selected for callback interviews. To sign up to be a controller use the JOIN AS CONTROLLER button on the main left navigation bar. Sign up with a call sign that represents the area you're looking control (example: KZSE Seattle Center). Fill out the required contact information and take a short ability test. It's fast easy and it's fun. TOP

Q - How old do I have to be to be a controller?
A - While we have made exceptions in the past our base guideline is 18 years of age or older. We look at each applicant on a case by case basis. TOP

Q - How will I know if I've been selected as an air traffic controller?
A - If you're selected for the next interview process you will be emailed directly from one of our staff members. TOP

Q - May I reapply at a later date if I don't get accepted the first time?
A - Yes. We request you wait a minimum of six months to reapply. TOP

Q - What software is required to be an air traffic controller?
A - A licensed copy of FSNavigator. A fully installed version of Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004. An installed version of the TeamSpeak client voice software. Those three pieces of software are the total requirement. TOP

Q - What is the minimum number of sessions I can run per month?
A - Our controllers run their own schedule, you will not be required to control a minimum amount of sessions. Our controllers know that being consistent and active keeps your traffic count up and your skills honed. TOP

Q - Can I contact someone about joining the ATC Team or about ATC related comments or concerns?
A - Yes. Please send all ATC related questions through the Contact Us form. TOP



Q - Is Pilot Training and Education available at West Coast ATC?
- Yes. Pilot Training has always been an important focus of our community. We are nearing the completion and release of the training program designed to accomodate the newest pilot to the most experienced aviator. More detailed information can be found here. TOP

Q - Can I join the education program as a student?
- Yes. When the training program is complete it will have it's own area of the site dedicated solely to education and training. You'll be able to see available courses and sign up to attend upon it's release. TOP

Q - Can I join the education program as an instructor?
- Yes. If you're interested in becoming an instructor you'll want to contact our University Director. You may do so by sending an email along with your interests to the contact information below. TOP

Q - How do I contact the Education and Training Division?
- Questions concerning joining as a pilot or instructor, general comments, and other support related issues can be sent in using the Contact Us form. TOP



Q - Is the Military Operations Division currently active?
- Not yet. TOP

Q - Is the Militay Division currently accepting applications for command positions and development officers?
- Yes. You may email the Military Director along with your interests and talents to the below contact information. TOP

Q - How do I contact the Military Operations Director?
- Questions concerning joining the command structure, general comments, and other support related comments can be sent in using the Contact Us Form. TOP


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